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The story behind our family Christmas photos!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Recently, I was lucky to have my beautiful and talented friend Becky from Becky Bailey Photography take our family Christmas photos this year. Becky also took our photos just over two years ago so it was definitely time to take new pictures, especially as the girls are growing and changing everyday. So with my three not so little girls, I was able to eventually persuade them to get their pictures taken… now that was a serious challenge. I wish I knew how other mummy bloggers manage to take pictures of their kids almost everyday!

Anyway, we decided to have our photos taken at Keats House in Hampstead, the house itself was actually once occupied by the Romantic poet John Keats, it’s a writer’s house museum and is simply stunning. The house itself contains a lot of artifacts still on display, there is a strong regal Victorian atmosphere and I was also informed that the museum runs regular poetry and literary events which I found interesting.

However, as lovely and scenic the house was, looking back I don’t think it was necessarily the best location to have our pictures taken as I was constantly worrying about knocking an ancient artifact over, especially when having to manage with three little big personalities.

I definitely realised trying to get a photo together with the girls is not getting easier, and it seems to get harder every year. I remember when my two eldest girls were smaller, I could easily bribe them with a sweet before and afterwards! Cheeky cheat code for mum but it had to be done. Now, my eldest is soon to be 10 (double digits aahh!) she is extremely active, loves to play and climb and a creative genius in the making. My second daughter will be 8 soon and is stubborn and sensitive but so well mannered and has the most caring attitude, oh and of course, she loves copying her older sister. My youngest and the most spoilt is 3 years old, she is an absolute cutie

but absolutely dangerous and she knows it. She has such a strong personality and gives the best cuddles. I can’t believe how big my girls are getting and I will cherish these photos forever.

I look forward to continue making new memories with my family in 2019 and hope the year treats us well, 2018 has been filled with loads of work, own challenges but a whole lot of love!

I hope everyone has a brilliant Christmas and New Year, stay safe!

Best wishes,


P.S. My eldest is wearing a Caramel Child dress, my middle is wearing a Caramel Child Russian print dress which is now sold out and my youngest is wearing As We Grow Collar Dress.


Photo By Becky Bailey