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The Rollinson London
Nathan Rollison is a hugely successful of lifestyle blogger. He was born deaf and grew up in Birmingham. Since moving to London, his passion blogging about the city’s gems has seen his passion become a career with more than 40,000 Instagram followers. Nathan spends his time travelling and visiting beautiful places, snapping pictures and sharing his experiences. His interest include culture, fashion and food.
We developed a close bond as we have very similar tastes. Of course, now I am a busy mother my schedule means I can’t travel around the city to accompany him but it’s lovely when we do have time to catch-up as we did recently.
Before I set up Mabel Child he offered me advice about photography and fashion and he has supported me in pursuing my dream. Last year, he accompanied me to Paris for the Playtime exhibition of children’s clothing brands and whilst the exhibition was not something Nathan would usually attend he was happy to come along and support me.
Nathan spent an afternoon looking after my girls - a new experience for him! We’ve shared a couple of photos and I also asked him a few questions about his work.
  1. Why did you become a lifestyle blogger?
I want to inspire people. I see many beautiful things as I travel particularly in fashion and foods and I wanted to share this which is where the concept from my blog came from. Readers can find out information or learn more about a specific area. I have many interests and enjoy sharing with my followers.
  1. What's my favourite place in London?
That really depends … I love Greenwich with its historic buildings and views of London. Chelsea has rows of gorgeous Georgian terraced homes alongside independent coffee shops and boutiques with a wonderful vibe. Shoreditch has stunning flowers alongside Columbia Road Market and has a laid back atmosphere.
  1. How did you feel babysitting Mabel Child's children?
They are such fun to be with, but three children is challenging! I applaud all parents out there!
  1. If you could take then anywhere, where would you go?
I would take them to Buckingham Palace and the girls can be a princess for the day. You never know they may meet Her Majesty The Queen. Afterwards I would take them for a very quintessentially British afternoon tea. We’d have irresistible mouth watering cakes!
  1. Who is your your favourite children’s designer?
To be honest, I really don't know many but I love The White Company range with their neutral colour tones. I like the classic and neutral colours rather than a specific label.
  1. Can you tell us a little about your experience of mixing with deaf and hearing people?
I grew up in a hearing family and I feel privileged to have two languages. I can speak and use British Sign Language and be part of two communities.For example, I am able to speak with friend in the hearing community and this is where I developed my lip reading skills and I use sign language when I socialise within the Deaf community. There are no differences other than language and this is the barrier within society. I hope there is better access for sign language users in the future.