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Mabel Child & Me
My name is Uzma Westbury and I am the founder of Mabel Child, an online children’s wear boutique. Mabel Child is growing and doing so well in our first month of business and I wanted to take this opportunity to share my story with you ….
I was born in Karachi but moved to the U.K. aged four as my parents were told that I am deaf and they felt the opportunities for education, speech therapy and contacts with the deaf community would be better here. For this, I am so grateful for the opportunities life here has given me. I was actually born partially deaf but am now profoundly deaf. I wear hearing aids and use British Sign Language (BSL). I attended a mainstream primary school but learned BSL when I attended a school for deaf children as a teenager. I can lip-read a little but prefer to use my interpreter so if you would like to meet me to discuss a project or how we can work together, please email me to book an appointment. Also, if you have any questions about deafness or sign language, I am happy to share my experiences with you - we can pop to a local coffee shop.
I have lived in NW3 for almost nine years and I love the north London vibe. Hampstead has gorgeous cafes, lovely independent shops and excellent schools. It has a villagey feel with all the convenience of living in London. I never want to leave!
I have always been interested in fashion and I graduated from The American University, London in 2002. I worked for five years as a freelance fashion designer in Dubai where my work centred around women’s evening wear. The styles were very stylish and elegant with a lot of embroidery - a mixture of western and eastern styles. My business was growing but once I met my husband and we were expecting our first child I decided to put my career on hold temporarily. Since having my children (I have three daughters aged 7, 5 and 18 months), I have found a new area of fashion - children's wear - and enjoy dressing them in good quality fabrics and mixing brands to create stylish outfits. I’m very much enjoying them being children before they grow-up and want to create their own style without their mummy! I chose the name Mabel Child as the name Mabel means ‘loveable child’ and it’s a traditional name which reflects the whimsical, vintage theme of the products offered here.For me, as a mother of three children it has been really hard combining childcare with setting-up a new business and I am grateful for my husband’s support and to my girls for their patience. And finally, I would like to say thank you to all my customers. I have received so many encouraging messages and met some wonderful people.
Thank you and I hope to see you again soon, 
Uzma xxx

Photographer by Samuel Dore