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Lets be honest


Hi everyone!


I’m back to blogging on Mabel Child, I know the blogs have gone a little quiet over the last few months; it has been really busy here on my side. We’ve been preparing for our new autumn collection and processing loads of orders, thanks to our lovely customers.


I just wanted to come back and update you all on what’s been happening here at Mabel Child over the last few months. As you know Mabel Child turned 2 at the end of July this year and looking back it sure has been a journey to get here. I’m not sure if many of our customers know that Mabel Child is run by a one woman army… me! Also, I am a Deaf mother to three wonderful little girls who definitely keep me on my toes. Although it has been challenging at times to run a business, and look after a chaotic household, I thoroughly enjoy and relish in it. I wouldn’t change it for the world.


I have learnt so much over the last few years such as; becoming settled as a business owner, getting to know more about our customers likes and dislikes, making sure the site is accessible for everyone and many more. I have also been researching into expanding the brands we work with and stock on our site to bring more variety to our collections.


Some of our customers may have noticed that certain brands are no longer being stocked on our site, this is because I want to make sure that Mabel Child is cost effective and affordable for all of our customers. This year especially, we have seen a stark increase in prices going up which have had an impact on Mabel Child but I am determined that regardless of these issues, we continue to stay resilient and bring beautiful whimsical and vintage pieces to our site. Quite often I do get asked by customers whether we can stock more brands and truth be told, I wish we could… but Mabel Child is still a young and growing business so hence why we are taking it one brand at a time.


If you were to ask me “what is your dream for Mabel Child?” Well, my dream for the future is that Mabel Child one day has the opportunity to expand from my little studio at home to a big warehouse continuing to process wonderful and unique pieces for your little ones. So who knows… we may just be bigger than Mother Care one day ;’)


One of the most important things about Mabel Child is that the clothes we stock are of high quality, timeless and can be worn for a long time so parents can pass it down to their younger children. So this being said, I hope my wonderful customers continue to stick with me in this journey together and enjoy the new collections coming to the site.

Photo By Becky Bailey


If you have any queries regarding orders or collections, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via email and I’m happy to help.