Vintage & Whimsical Inspired brands for children

Mabel Child love the collection from Les Coyotes de Paris. Its French style really captures the true Parisian look.

Les Coyotes de Paris is all about a timeless wardrobe. The shapes are classic and iconic, with nautical details and have a beautiful 60’s and 70s style with a modern twist.

Founded by Marie, Les Coyotes de Paris launched in late July and the brand is a reflection of her own personality. Inspired by strong, classic pieces, they believe a female wardrobe can be dress for all ages. From 6-10 years old, to teenage girls and women, sizes extra small, small and medium.

I recieved their AW collection and my daughter has since wore some of their collection. When she was wearing these I wanted to dress in the same outfit too. in particular, I love their classic coat.

I am very excited their collection will be on Mabel Child in SS17!

I would like to show you my older daughter, Maha, who almost 8 years old wearing their AW16 collection. These items allow young girls to dress in stylish, mature clothes, which suit the popular fashion of a city such as London, and be just like their mum.